How to create and update chrome profile

We have seen how we can create a firefox profile and edit as per our need, so any time we can open firefox browser with browser settings previously set.

same way we will see how we can create a chrome profile and update the setting as per our need.


  • Create a new folder, let’s say folder name “MyChromeProfile” under c:\ as c:\MyChromeProfile
  • Create a chrome shortcut on desktop

Navigate to Start | All Programs, right click Google Chrome and select Send to | Desktop, Rename to MyChrome 

  • Right click MyChrome and click Properties and paste –user-data-dir=c:\MyChromeProfile at end of target box

check if the target box should have

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” –user-data-dir=c:\MyChromeProfile

  • Now double click shortcut MyChrome from desktop to work with chrome browser and edit or update chrome settings

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