Book Indane LPG gas refill from facebook with one click

Technology in India growing exponentially year by year, and the Govt. of India trying to adopt as much as technology to make things faster and easier.

As we all know, now a days almost everything we can do in facebook [like knowing about friends, creating new friends, watching videos, getting to know news faster and learning new things]

Indian oil corp. and facebook collaborate each other and introduced an option where you can book to refill Indane LPG gas cylinder in just a click away.

Steps to follow

Login to your facebook account [From desktop browser or mobile app] and

  • You will be navigated to site
  • Connect and continue with your facebook account [One time registration]

Disclaimer from IndianOil

  • Enter your 16 digit LPG ID and click on Continue [One time registration]

Note :

Your name and email will be taken from facebook public profile

Login to to get your 16 digit LPG ID [from home page]

  • Your name and distributor details will be auto populated and click on Book Now

Next time when you will click “Book Now” from facebook, you will be directly redirected to the booking screen as shown above screenshot.

Hope this above steps helps you to register successfully.

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