How to keep gmail account secure

Most of the internet users use gmail as their personal email account.

Users use gmail account on more than one device like laptop, mobile, tablets etc… even connect to difference apps while sending data or even playing games on mobile, even use gmail login credentials to login to other sites as well

but did we ever wanted to see how many devices our gmail is logged in, what apps are connected etc

Google provides a one stop link to access all the things that we discussed above

Navigate or login to gmail security, here you can

& security

  • Find your phone if forgotten

Here follow simple steps, to take few actions while you lost or forgotten your phone somewhere.

  • 2-step verification

Turn ON to make your gmail more secure

  • Recovery options

Keep the available options updated to recovery your credentials in case you forget

Through email / phone / by using security question

  • Recently used devices

Review all the devices where your gmail is logged in,

you can review and remove wherever not required [very handy feature]

  • Connected apps

Remove the apps to disconnect your account which you no longer needed

  • Saved passwords

Review and remove any unnecessary saved passwords

Personal info & privacy

Edit your personal information like email, phone number, blocked users etc…

you can even control or review your activity like

  • locations you visited [Under review activity]
  • You tube search activity / history [under Activity controls]
  • What kind of ads you prefer [Under Ads settings]

Account preferences

Delete your account or services

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