Interesting whatsapp features / tips so far

With increasing whatsapp popularity among smartphone users [of any platform like android or iOS], whatsapp keep on adding new features, so let’s discuss some interesting features or can say tips for efficient use of whatsapp…

Formatted text

Change the format of text or message you want to send

Make Bold – *yourText*

Make Italic – _yourText_

Strike out – ~yourText~

Different font – “`yourText“`

Open any whatsapp group

long press on message[s], you can see options appear on top as listed with numbers

  1. Reply to the message
  2. Keep as favorite, so you can view later [Click on group name at top | starred messages]
    WhatsAppfeatures.jpg option [3]
  3. Read by whom
  4. Delete the message [this will be deleted from your device not from a group]
  5. Copy the message
  6. Forward to any individual contact or in a group

If it’s a photo / video and you do long press, you will get less options like

  1. Reply
  2. Keep as favorite
    4. Delete

Stop appearing whatsapp images to gallery or camera roll

on Android Connect your mobile to PC, open WhatsApp folder | Media and create a folder .nomedia [that’s it]

On device itself, install esFile explorer, open sdcard / internal | WhatsApp | Media and create a folder .nomedia

on iOS

Go to Settings | Privacy | Photos | make WhatsApp ‘OFF’

Open a group, click on group name at top


Mute a contact or a group [1]

Stop notifications of new messages, but you will get the messages as usual.

Customize notification for a group or contact [2]

  • Change notification tone
  • Popup notification or light

Sharing files

  1. Attach files [PDFs, documents, slideshows, sheets etc] of size up to 100MB
  2. Attach photos / videos [either take a snap or from gallery]

Use WhatsApp on desktop

Navigate to

  • Open whatsapp on smartphone
  • Click on 3 vertical dots | WhatsApp Web
  • Scan the QR code to continue to chat on desktop

WhatsApp broadcast

Send our message to multiple contacts at once

  • Open whatsapp on smartphone
  • click on 3 vertical dots | New Broadcast
  • Select contact[s] and click on tick
  • Type message and send

WhatsApp status (temporary status)

You can post images or text as temporary status and will be available for 24 hours, there after vanishes.

Even you can see who viewed your temporary status by clicking the eye icon

To update temporary image status, click on the status tab and tap on “My Status” and chose any of your fav pic to upload.

To update temporary text status, click on the small pencil icon on Status tab and write your favorite line and even you can chose background color (predefined)…

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