Mobile tricks – android settings | developer options

In our one of previous post, we have seen how to enable Developer options

This post will list out some tricks on improving efficiency of your mobile use

Select USB Configuration

  • Some times, when you connect your mobile to computer, it might not be charging, then select “Charging” by navigating

Settings | Developer options | Select USB Configuration

  •  For transferring files, select MTP

Stay awake

Turn ON this option to keep your screen awake, even when your mobile is charging.

USB debugging

Turn ON this option to connect mobile to computer via USB cable, for development of android apps with the help of Android SDK.

This even helps you to run ADB commands to get certain information of your mobile and helps to control your mobile to certain level.

This option even enables use of certain 3rd party library or tools to automate android apps from your computer.

Cellular data always active

Turn ON this option to keep your mobile / cellular data always active, even when wifi is ON, this will help fast network switching when you move from wifi to mobile data.

Show touches

Turn ON this option to see touch spots on screen.

Animation scale

There are mostly 3 animation scales which we can increase / decrease duration of animations while navigating on mobile screen

Window animation scale

Transition animation scale

Animator duration scale

keep Animator scale to .5x for quick navigations.

Force 4x MSAA

To play 3D games and high end games to look realistic, turn ON this option

MSAA – multi-sample anti-aliasing, used in computer graphics for better visibility.

Background process limit

Select options from this, to allow number of processes that can run in background at once, normally keep it to standard limit unless required to change.

NOTE: When you enable or customize developer options and do not know how to undo, just turn OFF settings | developer options and turn ON again.


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