Hide folders in windows OS without using any software

We already know one way to hide a folder in windows OS –

Explorer -> ALT + T -> Folder Options -> View -> check “Don’t show hidden files…”

But any body on your computer, can revert back this option by checking “Show hidden files…” and can see all your hidden files. [means there is no security to your hidden files]…

Even online, there are many 3rd party s/w or tools available to hide / show folders [most techies don’t prefer to install s/w]

no worries, we will discuss here one way to hide / show folders so no other users can see your files / folders

Using windows in build command prompt, let’s get started

  • Create a new folder in C:\ drive, rename it as “MySecret” without quotes.
  • Now open Command Prompt from Start Menu and type

Voila!! your folder or files are now hidden [MySecret folder with it’s sub folders / files]

  • Now remember the path of your secret folder, next time when you want to see the folder,

Open Command prompt and type
C:\Users\Ms>attrib -s -h C:\MySecret


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