Different ways to open remote desktop from windows

There are various ways you can open remote desktop in windows OS

Using Run command

Start | Run | mstsc 

then manually enter server or remote machine name and connect with your credentials.

You can click on Options | change the settings as you need  | do Save As | change File Name and location | click on Connect

                                                                                             Image 1

Using Command prompt or bat file

Start | Run | cmd

mstsc [<connection file>]

connection file – specifies the name of an .rdp file

E.g. – C:\Users\user1>mstsc C:\Users\user1\Documents\Default.rdp

Note: the default.rdp is available under C:\Users\user1\Documents\, but you can move to anywhere on your machine.


mstsc [/edit “connection file”]

open the .rdp file to edit

E.g – C:\Users\user1>mstsc /edit C:\Users\user1\Documents\Default.rdp

This will pop up the remote desktop dialog as shown in Image 1


mstsc [/v:<server:[port]>]

Provide the server name you want to connect

E.g – C:\Users\user1>mstsc /v:

or C:\Users\user1>mstsc /v:

or C:\Users\user1>mstsc /v:RemoteHostName

Additional parameters to the above commands as follows


/admin – Connects you to the session for administrating the server


/f – Starts remote desktop in full screen mode


/w:<windth> – opens remote desktop with the width specified

E.g – C:\Users\user1>mstsc /v: /w:500


/h:<height> – opens remote desktop with the height specified

E.g – C:\Users\user1>mstsc C:\Users\user1\Documents\Default.rdp /h:300

or C:\Users\user1>mstsc C:\RemoteHostName /w:400 /h:300


/public – Runs remote desktop in public mode


Other parameters are /span, /multimon and /migrate

For the details information, you can enter command as mstsc /?

You can set the values and parameters as you need for the mstsc command and create a bat file, so next time when you need to open the remote desktop, you can double click on the bat file.


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