Start year 2018 with these 5 windows utilities

This 2018 new year, we present you top 5 windows utility tools to effectively use windows OS.

Slick Run

One stop shortcut command line utility for windows, you can create shortcut with keypress keys or words as well, be it for file paths or browser urls.

For more info, refer below

SlickRun – one stop shortcut utility for windows


Download from here

It’s a screen and video capture utility for windows users.

This doesn’t just create screenshot, but with it’s powerful features you can

Take full page screenshot

  • Add annotations
  • Embed images
  • Crop or resize etc

With video capture, you can

  • Record screen
  • Convert to different video formats
  • Create gifs.
Snipping Tool

One of quick screenshot taking tool comes default with windows OS.

With this tool, you can

  • Take a window screenshot
  • Take screenshot of a region on screen
  • Add highlight and add handwritten text
Stickies Portable

Download from here

As the name, it’s a sticky note making utility for windows OS with rich of features than window’s default sticky note software

  • Easy backup restore
  • Set title of each note
  • Insert links
  • Set font, size and color of each note and more…

More features you can found here


You all might aware of ShareIt app on mobile, good news is that you can even install this tool on windows or mac machine and transfer data across devices.

For connectivity across devices, follow

Hope this above utility tools will help you to effectively use windows OS.

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