SlickRun – one stop shortcut utility for windows

This is one of most useful command line utility for windows users, SlickRun allows us to keep all our shortcuts in one place (whether it is web url or folder path).

Customize SlickRun to keep a short name (called as magicWord) for any web url or folder path.

When you need them, just search with the magicWord saved, it will popup the web url or explores the folder.

Download SlickRun

It’s very tiny utility and can be placed anywhere on the windows screen.

How to keep shortcuts / MagicWords >

Let’s say you have a folder “Tricks” under C:\TechR\Category\Windows\Tricks

Every time you want to access the folder, you have to navigate to 4 folders,

In SlickRun, no navigations required… How!!!

Right click on SlickRun (once installed, it will be floating on screen as shown above),

Setup | New MagicWord

Click on Check mark symbol to save the magic word.

Next time when you want to explore Tricks folder, just go to SlickRun aqnd search with key word “tricks”, it will pop up Tricks folder.

We can change the appearance like font and color of the utility.

In addition, it provides Memory usage, date and time.

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